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Cavex CA37 Alginate 453g


High Quality Alginate Impression Material


Cavex CA37

Dust Free High Detail Alginate Impression Material

The undisputed standard.
With Cavex CA37 over 300 million impressions have been made worldwide. On a daily base tens of thousands are added to this amount. It is the reference for dentists all over the world now for over 100 years.

CA37 is an alginate with a firm consistency and is used for all indications in the dental practice, every time with the same, accurate result.


  • Worldwide reference
  • Firm consistency
  • More rigid impression
  • Good tear and deformation resistance
  • Detail reproduction at least 50µm
  • Dustfree pink
  • Peppermint aroma
  • Compatible with all types of gypsum, smooth gypsum surface
  • Patient friendly, setting times in mouth
  • Normal Set 1½ minute
  • 5 Years Shelf life

Due to purity of raw materials the powder consumed per impression is lower than ordinary alginate materials thus giving high productivity of upto 32 Full and High Detailed impressions in 453g bag.

CavexYour Impression is Our Concern

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