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PD Gates Glidden Drills


Swiss Quality


PD™ Gates-Glidden drills of 32 mm length can be used in any right-angle handpiece to enlarge the coronal portion of the root canal for bulk removal of tooth structure in an easy and reliable manner. Mostly indicated for crown down technique, step back technique, to remove the lingual shoulder during access cavity preparation and to enlarge the canal orifice.

Features and Benefits:

  • State of the art manufacturing process and crafted of corrosion resistant superior stainless steel to offer outstanding cutting efficiency
  • Flame shaped instruments notched for easy size identification
  • Available in refill or assortment rack

Content and Packaging:

Rack of 6 pieces from size RA 1 to RA 6

Additional information
Drill/Reamer Variants

RA/N(1-6) Assort, RA/N1 (Pkt of 6), RA/N2 (Pkt of 6), RA/N3 (Pkt of 6), RA/N4 (Pkt of 6), RA/N5 (Pkt of 6), RA/N6 (Pkt of 6)