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Tetric N Flow Bulkfill Composite 2g Syringe

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4MM Bulkfill Flowable Composite with Self Levelling Properties


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Features & Benefits:

Application studies have shown that the bulk filling technique saves 55% on time compared with the conventional layering technique.

Self Leveling Properties:

Many practitioners like to use a flowable composite for the first restoration layer. Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill has been specially developed for use as an initial volume replacement in posterior teeth. Due to its self-levelling properties, Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill optimally adapts to the cavity walls. The cavities fill up very quickly as a result of the composite’s excellent viscosity.

Aessencio technology:

Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill exhibits a dentin-like translucency. The new Aessencio technology is responsible for lowering the translucency of the material from around 28% to approximatly 10% during polymerization. Discoloured dentin can be effectively concealed, creating a more esthetic basis for the restoration compared with conventional flowable bulk-fill materials.

For the occlusal layer, the practitioner has the choice of using either Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill or Tetric N-Ceram, depending on the requirements. Both materials feature an exceptional “chameleon effect”.


In routine clinical procedures it is often difficult to hold the polymerization device over the restoration properly.

Consequently, the composite may not cure completely. Due to the fact that they contain the highly reactive initiator Ivocerin®, Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill and Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill demonstrate a high photoreactivity, which is essential for achieving a reliable cure.

Working Time:

Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill and Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill can be manipulated for a comfortable length of time, despite the high reactivity of Ivocerin.The integrated light sensitivity filter is responsible for this feature.It protects against ambient light.

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