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Tetric N Ceram Bulkfill Composite 3.5g Syringe


The 4mm Posterior Packable BulkFill Composite


Tetric N Ceram Bulkfill

Packable Bulkfill (4mm) Light Cure Composite


  • Restoration of deciduous teeth
  • Restorations in the posterior region (Class I and II)
  • Class V restorations (cervical caries, root erosion, wedge-shaped defects)
  • Preventive resin restorations in molars and premolars

Features & Benefits:

Tetric N Ceram BULKFILL can be filled in just 3 steps! BULK , SCULPT and CURE!

Due to the special viscosity and patented fillers it doesn’t require a Final Layer like other Bulkfill Materials do.It can be easily polished after filling hence you get an excellent polished finished restoration.

Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill enables posterior teeth to be restored with only one layer measuring up to 4mm in thickness, which considerably heightens efficiency.

The patented light activator Ivocerin is responsible for ensuring the complete cure of the filling.

Compared with convential light initiators, the Ivocerin polymerisation booster is much more reactive. Therefore, polymerization is initiated even in very deep cavities and the material is fully cured.

A specially conditioned shrinkage stress reliever keeps shrinkage and shrinkage stress during polymerization to a minimum.

Tetric N Ceram BULKFILL in combination with its Stylish Cavifil Injector Gun not only saves your time , gives you a strong filling but also gives you Style!

 Experience the Perfection in Aesthetics

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Bulkfill 3.5g Syringe, Buy 3 Get 1 Free Deal