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Septoject Needles


Siliconized and sterlized Needles for dental cartridges


If you think needle is just a needle;

Think Again!

Features & Benefits:

•Less trauma to the tissue achieved through a triple-bevel needle, a polished & siliconized canula and an excellent flexibility of the needle

High grade surgical stainless steel tubing to reduce risk of breakage

That Means:
•Less pressure is applied
•More sensitive control of flow rate
•A gentler injection for greater patient comfort
•Possibility of tissue damage is greatly reduced
•Furthermore Siliconized needles reduce the drag and penetration forces during insertion and removal.

•Less Trauma to Tissue

Note: A neutral study was conducted, intended to check the quality of needles by examining them under a microscope. Out of 15 companies, Septodont was the only company that was declared to have perfectly smooth needles, ensuring top quality health care products.

-Septoject L (Box of 100) 27g/42mm

-Septoject S (Box of 100) 27g/21mm

-Septoject XS (Box of 100) 30g/10mm

Additional information
Septoject Variants

Long 42mm 27g (Box of 100), Short 21mm 27g (Box of 100)