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PD Universal Solder with Flux


Industrial silver based brazing stick with incorporated fluoride flux


Universal Solder® is an industrial silver-based brazing stick with incorporated fluoride flux.

(Pack of 12)

Thanks to its anticorrosion built-in stripper, the silver-based stick enables precise and easy brazing. The incorporated flux is located in the centre of the stick. No additional material is necessary, as it provides sufficient solder/flux ratio for fine brazing. As a consequence, you save time and effort by placing the flux exactly where it is needed.

The low melting point of Universal Solder®, about 650°C, is an advantage as it can be used to braze many metals or alloys to another metal or alloy as long as their melting points are not lower than the melting points of Universal Solder®. As a consequence, you save energy and sticks can even be heated with a flame.

With incorporated flux, low melting point and silver base, Universal Solder® gives you the opportunity to perform precise brazing in an easy way. In addition, it results in a brazing with high mechanical resistance (> 500 MPa).


Melting point: 630°C – 700°C
Mechanical resistance (according to standard ISO 9333:2006): ≈ 590 MPa
Commonly used to braze: silver alloy, stainless steel, cobalt-chromium alloy, nickel-chromium alloy
Dimensions: Ø Length 150mm
Composition: no adverse material in metal composition. Cadmium free.
Biological assessment of substance following extraction test (according to standard ISO 10993-18): the concentration of substances found were evaluated as acceptable in regard to Permitted Daily Exposure (PDS) and Reference Doses (RfD)

To improve the finishing of your product, cleaning and polishing is recommended:

Flux may form a light layer around our product.
After brazing, dip the brazed item into water to improve flux dissolution. Dipping cracks the flux crust and allows easy removal. If necessary, rub lightly the surface with a sponge.
According to your use, steam cleaning and sandblasting can be used to complete the work.
Polish the item in the usual way.
According to your use, brazing can be insulated with resin or varnish to create a protection around brazed parts.