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Facilitated access to a larger treatment field

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OptraGate ExtraSoft Version
OptraGate is an auxiliary aid that enables the treatment field to be enlarged easily, effectively and comfortably. It allows lips and cheeks to be retracted completely and ensures relative isolation.
OptraGate is comfortable to wear over longer periods of time, as it is three-dimensionally flexible. OptraGate offers dentists and their assistants easier access to a considerably enlarged treatment field.
In most cases, the retraction of the lips and cheeks with additional cumbersome equipment is not required. The lips and cheeks are gently and evenly retracted to provide a full view of the anterior and posterior teeth. In addition, the lips are completely covered and therefore protected. The three-dimensional elasticity of the lip and cheek retractor allows unimpeded jaw movements during the entire procedure. Consequently, OptraGate can remain in place from the beginning right to the end of the procedure.
OptraGate is entirely latex-free and can therefore be used in patients with latex allergies. It can be simply and quickly inserted and removed by a single person without the need for additional assistance. OptraGate is available in two adult sizes: “Regular” and “Small”.
Significantly facilitated access to a larger treatment field
As the lips and cheeks are completely retracted, the treatment field is larger and therefore more easily accessible.
Heightened level of comfort for patients
OptraGate is comfortable to wear for patients over longer periods of time, as it is three-dimensionally flexible.
Wide range of applications
OptraGate can be used in many different treatment procedures: direct and indirect restorative treatment, highly esthetic anterior restorations, class V fillings, cosmetic treatment, professional teeth cleaning, periodontal treatment, impression-taking, Cerec, etc.