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Irriflex Flexible Irrigation Needles


Flexible Irrigation Needles


Unlike conventional metal needles, IrriFlex® easily adapts to even most complex root canal anatomies.

The flexibility of the polypropylene body provides apical access with no resistance or damage to the dentinal walls.

IrriFlex® has two side vents at the end, located on a single plane.

This unique characteristic gives balanced irrigant expulsion, via two accurate jets, aimed directly at the dentinal walls.

The tapered shape of the needle follows the shape of the canal. Flow thickness of the irrigant is steady as the fluid rises to the coronal seal, which maximises shear forces and the elimination of debris, the smear layer and biofilm.

Compatible with EDTA 17%, Hypochlorite 5.25%, Chlorhexidine 2%, Citric acid 40%.

Root canal irrigation is an important step in root canal treatment, and easy diffusion of the irrigant to the root canals is essential. Effortless movement along the curved root canal walls and accuracy when placing the irrigation needle at the working length, simplifies the procedure and allows the practitioner to focus fully on irrigant diffusion. Removing the smear layer and the biofilm, and disinfecting the root canal before filling are key. IrriFlex® also maximises your attention of the clinical procedure. Welcome to “Glide-cleaning reality!”

Ordering Information:

-Box of 40 Flexible Endodontic Needles Individually Packed

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