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Fibrapost Plus Kit


Glass Fibre Endo Post System


FIBRAPOST PLUS features outstanding radiopacity to help ensure that they are instantaneously identified on a radiograph at placement as well as at follow up appointments. Due to the dentin-like flexural modulus the post flexes with the tooth and transmits stress more evenly along the remaining root structure to help minimize the instance of root fractures compared to metal. In addition, the white, opaque color ensures excellent aesthetic results, without undesirable coloring in the cervical area of the tooth. It is recommended to use the DRILL-A-POST companion drills for best match when preparing the root canal.

Benefits & Features:
Optimal flexural strength (~ 35 GPa) close to the one of the dentine
High resistance (~ 1’300 MPa) thanks to interlaminar fibres cohesion
Natural shade for aesthetic reconstruction
Convenient Radioopacity (~ 200% Al (Ø 2.5 mm))
High adhesion capacity between post and cement