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Endomethasone N 14g + 10 ML


Endomethasone N Anti Inflammatory ,with Hydrocortisone Root canal sealer


•Permanent root canal filling and sealing in dental procedures, with systematic insertion of points

Features & Benefits:
•Niether resorbable once hardened Nor retractable over the years that means it does not break down or move
Antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory activity lasts for several hours after being placed in the canal
•Radiopaque and easy to insert in to the canal
•Endomethasone N Can be used with all Gutta Percha Cold and Warm Techniques
•It is the formulation of Endomethasone N that creates an optimal barrier to fluids, bacterial percolation and postoperative sensitivity
•Endo Liquid to be mixed with Endomethasone Powder
Ordering Information:
– Bottle of 14 G Powder
– Bottle of 10ml Liquid