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EndoFree Gel 2x3ml

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Edta Gel 17% with Carbamide Peroxide


EndoFree Gel
EDTA 17 % with Carbamide Peroxide

Root Canal Preparation
Root Canal Lubrication
Instruments Lubrication

Features & Benefits:

ENDOFREE GEL – Chelating Gel use to free up and allow easy reaming, filing and cleansing of root canals
Removes Inorganic Smear Layer from canal and orifice.
On irrigation by Sodium Hypochlorite, endofree gel will bubble by release of oxygen.
This in turn lifts debris from canals to be extruded.
Gel also lubricates canal to make reaming and filing easy for a gliding result

(Pack of 2 x 3ml Syringes)