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Endofill Root Canal Sealer P/L


Root Canal Sealer



Permanent Root Canal Sealer

•Radiopaque paste with Dexamethasone for the permanent obturation of the root-canal
Endofill is a radiopaque preparation for permanent root-canal filling. Its composition is well tolerated by tissues and it provides anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and germicidal actions. Before hardening, the paste penetrates the narrowest fissures and maintains its therapeutic effects throughout the treatment until completely set. The final obturation neither retracts nor resorbs.
Directions for use:
•Clean the canal thoroughly and dry with hot air
•Mix the powder and liquid until to obtain a paste of the required consistency
•Work the paste into the root-canal with the aid of a probe or a rotary paste filler
•Fill the canal completely, avoid air pockets, do not protrude beyond the apex.