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Detartrine Polishing Paste


Scaling and Polishing

•Polishing after scaling and root planning.
•Polishing of fillings and dental surfaces.
Features & Benefits:
•Cariogenic bacteria such as streptococcus mutans are present on the tooth surfaces that form colonies on the teeth. These result in long term damage and decay of the tooth.
•Polishing with Silica based paste removes the bacteria, plus the bacteria can not re-appear for a long period of time because with Silica the surface of the tooth becomes extra smooth and polished where bacteria cannot form colonies.
•Mechanical abrasive action due to the presence of silica.
•Pleasant taste and feeling of freshness thanks to the essential oils.
Directions For Use:
Using a spatula, place a sufficient quantity of DETARTRINE on the Circular brush, and proceed in the usual manner.

Ordering Information:

– Jar of 45g