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Alminax Rite Bite


Bite Registration Wax Full Arch Bite Wafers

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Alminax Rite Bite

Modelling wax is often used for bite registrations but can prove insufficiently rigid at room temperature. Alminax is a proven bite registration material, formulated to provide dentists with a dense yet easily softened bite wax that is stable at room temp.

The thickness has been specially chosen to provide the most accurate registration.

  • 2.3mm thick.
  • Full Arch Bite Wafers
  • Preformed to U shape
  • Colour: Silver Grey
  • Softens at 55°C
  • Re-inforced with metal strip.


The aluminisation of our special bite wax ensures heat is transferred very quickly throughout the material whilst maintaining stability. Alminax Wax Full Arch and Rite Bite are supplied in preformed U-shapes which mean that they do not need to be bent into shape, saving time. Compared with the simple sheet presentation, another advantage of these preshaped Alminax Wax Full Arch and Rite Bite options is that they feature a special cut away shape that allows adequate space for the tongue. Consequently there is no interference when the patient bites together, allowing the patient to bite comfortably in the correct position. The thickness of the Full Arch and Rite Bite wafers have been carefully selected too, so that they do not interfere with the soft tissues when recording the bite registration of a “normal” bite. Consequently they ensure that the plaster models do not hang on the wax when the models are articulated.