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Product Research and Studies
Case Study Collection March 2015
-USE OF R.T.R. AND PRF as filling material in Post Extraction Sockets -BIODENTINE™ IN CORRECTIVE SURGERY: A solution to Root Canal Perforations -BIODENTINE™ Apexification as treatment in Immature Teeth using Biodentine -RACEGEL Gingival Preparation with Racegel
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An Attractive Alternative
Tetric N Family-Direct Composite Restoration in a Complex Patient Case. Modern Direct Restorative Materials allow minimally invasive preparation techniques and provide durable results
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Direct Veneers with Tetric N Ceram
Life-like esthetics with Direct veneers made of Tetric N Collection
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Tetric N Ceram BULKFILL A Paradigm Change
Paradigm Change in the field of Posterior Composite Restorations
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Biodentine - Pulpotomy in Vital Carious Molars 2015
Biodentine an Excellent Biocompatible Tricalcium Silicate Material for Pulpotomy in Vital Carious Molars. Dentists all over the world are making it a part of their regular treatment inventory.
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Bone Regeneration Case Study Collection - March 2014
Case Study Collection for successful bone regeneration through B-Tricalcium Phosphate Material and Biodentine for deep caries and perforation repairs
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Micro Apical Placement System 2015
MAP System - Unique and Efficient way for the placement of endodontic repair materials. View case and content presentation
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Biodentine Reverse the Irreversible 2019
Biodentine Reverse the Irreversible 2019 - Biodentine opens a new door for teeth showing irreversible pulpitis : A condition that until now was dooming the tooth to root canal treatment
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Biodentine Case Study Collection - March 2013
Biodentine Case Study Collection March 2013 Includes: Treatment of Traumatized Incisors , Perforation Repair , Deep Caries Treatment
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Biodentine Case Study Collection - June 2013
Biodentine Case Study Collection June 2013 Includes: Pulp Vitality Preservation , Repair or Furcal Perforations , Vital Pulp Therapy
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Racegel and Biodentine Case Study Collection - Oct 2013
Racegel and Biodentine Case Studies Oct 2013 Includes: Racegel GEL Retraction Material , Biodentine use under ceramic indirect restorations , Apicoectomy
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Biodentine Clinical Case Study Collection - March 2012
The case studies featured in this issue present its clinical benefits for the multiple indications this dentine substitute has been designed for: restorative dentistry, paediatric dentistry and endodontics. Read More
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Racegel Case Study Collection - June2012
Racegel Case Study Inlcudes : Efficient Tissue Management with Racegel. The use of a special aluminium chloride gel with reversible temperature responsive viscosity permits optimised control of bleeding and retraction in the region of the sulcus.
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Biodentine Scientific File
Biodentine™ turns out to be one of the most biocompatible of all the biomaterials in dentistry as demonstrated according to all the ISO standard tests, as well as in the different preclinical and clinical research collaborations. Biodentine is suitable for a wide variety of indications in the crown and root such as Perforations , Apexification. Read More
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Tetric N Ceram Clinical Case Posterior Region
The renaissance of a classic: Tetric-N Ceram—a perfect combination of experience and innovation. Clinical Case of posterior filling. See Case
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Tetric N Ceram Clinical Case in Anterior Region
Tetric N-Ceram with their variety of shades, mechanical strength and good polishability allow clinicians to close gaps, transform spaces and enhance colours without having to remove a large amount of tooth structure. In the complex restorative case presented, which involved cervical and proximal caries, poor gingival health and poor overall aesthetics, a methodological approach was used. An incremental technique with composite resin was applied to create highly aesthetic restorations which mimic nature and blend in seamlessly with the surrounding dentition. The young patient was very happy with the final outcome! See Case
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Tetric N Ceram Clinical Case Fractured Incisor
High-quality composite resin Tetric N Ceram, when used in conjunction with an appropriate placement technique, allow successful tooth restorations to be achieved which represent a conservative alternative to ceramic crowns or veneers. See Case
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No Need for Root Canal In Vivo Study
In Vivo Study. Conclusion: Study concluded that Pulpotomy with Pulpotec could be a good alternative for conventional ZOE pulpectomy. Read More
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Clinical Evaluations of PULPOTEC
Results: Positive results of medical trials of ‘Pulpotec’ preparation enable to recommend it for use in extensive clinical practice. Read More
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Pulpotec X Ray File
Contains Control X rays of patients treated with Pulpotec. Excellent long term permanent results are evident. See X rays
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Pulpotec Lecture and Directions to Use
Comprehensive Information on PULPOTEC and its Directions to use along with StepWise Pictures. Read More
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Granulotec Clinical X Rays
Contains Clinical X Rays of patients treated with Granulotec. A Single sitting root canal material that also Cures Granuloma. See X Rays
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Amalgomer CR Flouride Release Study
The results of the present study are of clinical importance especially to pediatric dental practices where early recognition of caries and its prevention is greatly required. The Amalgomer CR releasing higher concentration of fluoride may be advised for the restoration of tooth in highly susceptible child patients to dental caries. Read More
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Amalgomer CR Features Article
This Article list out some of the exceptional qualities of Amalgomer CR technology Glass Ionomers made by Advanced Health Care UK. One of the exceptional feature is the Strength that has surpassed the 300 MPA mark easily. Read More
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