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Root Canal Dressing

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Opacal -

All Purpose Non-Setting Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Paste


All Purpose, Non-Setting Calcium Hydroxide Paste

A smooth, creamy calcium hydroxide preparation recommended for all clinical applications where calcium hydroxide is indicated.

-Temporary Root Canal Filling/Dressing

-For the Treatment of Infected Root Canals

-Dentin Bridge Formation

-Direct and Indirect Pulp Capping

The Recommended Root Canal Treatment:

-Intracanal dressing between office visits

-Promotes Periapical Healing

-Treats Traumatic Injuries

-Stimulates Apexification

Ordering Information:

- Opacal (4.5g) 3ml + 8 Applicators

Features & Benefits:


Radiopaque, Creamy Calcium Hydroxide Paste


Ordering Information: