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GIC Glass Ionomer Filling

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Riva Selfcure -

High Fluoride Release, High Strength GIC Restorative 271 MPA


Riva SelfCure

High Strength (271MPA) , High Fluoride Release GIC Restorative

The strongest dentin replacement

When dentin is missing, use Riva Self Cure to replace it. It is the best dental material available today that virtually mimics dentin. No adhesive is required, and sensitivity is non-existent. Like dentin, Riva Self Cure has a very high compressive strength, ensuring it will withstand long term mastication forces.
(271 MPA Compressive strength)

Bioactive proprietary ionglass technology

Riva Self Cure utilizes SDI’s proprietary ionglass filler developed by our glass technologists. ionglass is a radiopaque, high ion releasing, bioactive glass used in SDI’s range of glass ionomer products. Riva Self Cure releases substantially higher fluoride to assist with remineralization of the natural dentition.

Ideal for minimally invasive dentistry

Riva Self Cure is the ideal restorative material for use in minimally invasive dentistry (MID) as it is a bioactive material which prevents caries from occurring. Natural tooth structure is preserved, so large cavities and undercuts are not necessary.

Great marginal adaptation

Riva Self Cure is the answer to long term microleakage prevention. Use it as a restorative or a base under permanent restorations.

No shrinkage

Riva Self Cure does not contain resin eliminating the problem of volumetric shrinkage after curing. Sensitivity, resulting from microleakage associated with shrinkage does not occur.

BPA and HEMA Free

Riva Self Cure does not contain Bisphenol A (including it’s derivatives) or HEMA. Use this product on your patients with confidence and peace of mind.

Surface hardness

The greater the surface hardness, the greater the resistance to abrasive wear. Riva Self Cure is a dynamic glass ionomer cement that can withstand high penetration of the surface.

Low acid erosion

Riva Self Cure has a very low acid erosion value. This improves the longevity of the restoration, resisting disintegration and wear caused by oral acidity. The ISO?Standard dictates that a material cannot have acid erosion of more than 0.17mm.

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- (Powder/Liquid) 10g+5.2ml

- Capsules (A2/A3) Box of 50's