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Esthetic Plus Instrument -

Handle composites with ease and accuracy



The Esthetic Plus silicone brushes were developed to handle composites in direct and indirect restorations with ease and accuracy. The kit has a straight handle which facilitates the face-to-face work, such as on the vestibular face of front teeth, as well as in laboratory work; and an angled handle which allows an easier and more comfortable access to the lingual area of the anterior teeth and to the entire posterior region. The interchangeable brushes made of silicone rubber are anti-adhesive and their four different shapes and two different hardness (hard and soft versions) allow the professional to shape the composite to obtain the desire anatomy of the tooth. The possibility of turning the brushes on the end of the handles optimizes comfort and accuracy during its use. The use of the instrument at the subsequent composite layers avoids the typical lines and marks caused by hard instruments and consequently the differences of shine and color that they produce.

Note: All Instruments & Tips are Autoclavable


Select the handle and brush which best fit to the requirements of the work in question. Fit the brush onto the end of the handle. Rotate the tip until the right position for it is founded. Shape the composite with light touches.

Ordering Information:

- Esthetic Plus - 2 instruments + 8 brushes (tips)

- Esthetic Plus refill - 4 soft brushes (tips)

- Esthetic Plus refill - 4 hard brushes (tips)

Note: All Instruments & Tips are Autoclavable

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Esthetic Plus


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